Why UIC?

Why UIC?

One of the main reasons students choose to come and study with us is our locations. In London, we are in Mortimer Street, a 5 minute walk from Oxford Circus and Oxford Street. We are also only a 10 minute walk from Regent’s Park. Oxford Circus is served by 3 underground lines – the Central, Bakerloo and Victoria and is really easily accessible from all parts of London. There are dozens of different buses that pass Oxford Circus.

The school building is part of the Crown Estate (owned by the Queen) and was originally a part of Westminster University. The school building has 4 floors, we have a reception and offices on floor 1 and classrooms on floors 2, 3 and 4. There is a lift in the building.

The UIC building has 17 classrooms which have a maximum of 14 students each (some fewer depending on size). The total number of students we can teach at any one time in our main building is about 220. Some of the rooms are equipped with tables and chairs, others with seminar style chairs which can make for a more convenient style of teaching when communicating is the priority. Classrooms are all equipped with appropriate technology – Interactive boards, CD players, TVs and DVD players are also available. The school has been extensively refurbished.

Rooms are all bright and well lit, there is air-conditioning where and when appropriate.

We have an e-learning lounge where you can access the internet and use the student community and our specialist e-learning packages.

This may sometimes be used by your teacher as a classroom when it is appropriate for your learning.

We are continually updating the equipment in the school and trying our best to provide the kinds of facilities you want. The school has been extensively refurbished at the end of 2013. Being in central London there are many many cafes, restaurants and snack bars as well as libraries and internet facilities. If you ever need something that is not in the school, just ask.

Whilst for most of the year your classes will be in the main school building at 76 Mortimer Street, it is possible (and more possible during the summer) that your classes will be held in other locations. These locations are all very close to the school and are of a very high quality. During 2012 UIC has held classes at these premises as well as at our main building in Mortimer Street.

Language House
76-78 Mortimer Street
London, W1W 7SA
United Kingdom

Language Enquiries
+44 020 7079 3334