Student Reviews

We get regular feedback from our students - whichever language they are learning. This is one of the most important ways we have of knowing how we are doing.

“I only joined the class at the end of the term - only 3 lessons - but I learned quite a lot and enjoyed the lessons. Will definitely be coming back.”

Ana Maria , French Beginner

The intermediate Japanese course uses a variety of training methods. The course is very interesting and enjoyable.

John , Japanese

Great class. Amazing Teacher. I really enjoy every class. It feels like a therapy sometimes. I am very glad I am taking this course.

Jan, Portuguese Advance course

I had a good experience learning Korean at UIC Languages. Small groups, varied learning material/ methods and a great teacher! Very interactive class that made learning Korean language a fun and interesting experience. Thank you!

Katharina, Korean Beginner Course

“This was a fantastic learning experience. Alice was a very good teacher, very understanding and helped us get the right pronunciation. The class size is perfect and not too crowded. In general, it was a nice class.”

Karishma, Chinese Beginner course

“Great teacher and an enjoyable experience. Looking forward to taking the next level.”

Ashley, German Pre-Intermediate course

“I'm so glad I took the plunge and signed up for the French Beginner course. My classes are thoroughly enjoyable and I've learnt so much in the first few weeks. My teacher is excellent and understands that everyone in the class learns at a different pace; she reflects this in her teaching and we've all progressed significantly as a result.”

Nikki, French Beginner course

“I really enjoyed these classes. I had no Italian when I started and feel that it is a very good beginner course. My teacher was fantastic, patient and very helpful. I feel like I have learnt good basic verbs and grammar. I wouldn't hesitate to recommend this course.”

Nicky, Italian Beginner course

“I have really enjoyed learning Spanish at UIC. There is always a lot of laughter in the lessons. I feel like my Spanish has improved a lot and I hope to continue learning.”

Fiona, Spanish Pre-Intermediate course

“I decided to start to learn Japanese as a new challenge. Just wanted to try level 1 and have a basic overview, but the teacher has made me love it! I really like the lessons, materials used and content. All the lessons are very entertaining and I feel I've learnt a lot and won't get lost in Japan!”

Claudia, Japanese Beginner course

“Really enjoyed the Pre-Intermediate course. I felt like I made real progress after the past 10 weeks and I'm more enthused than ever to continue my studies”

Stuart, Spanish Pre-Intermediate course

“The Portuguese Beginner course was excellent, I learnt so much and found the course interesting and productive. My teacher, Claudia, was really helpful and supportive, helped build your confidence and made sure you understood everything. Also you were never afraid to ask questions, made you feel relaxed and enjoy the lesson plus we had a good group. I would totally recommend UIC to anyone if they were thinking of learning a language.”

Darren, Portuguese Beginner course

“Thomas is a fantastic teacher. Passionate and enthusiastic about his mother tongue and patient with us which is very much appreciated!”

Ryan, French Beginner Plus course

“The staff are really friendly and knowledgeable and helped me find the right class for me. They see everyone as a person and help them find the best class to achieve their personal aims. I really enjoyed the lessons and would thoroughly recommend them! In terms of the content, it was the perfect mix of grammar, writing, reading, speaking and listening. I felt like we learnt to use the language in a way that was real and also focused on the structure of it.”


“Excellent teacher, excellent course, great environment. Would definitely recommend to anybody thinking of learning a language. Keep up the good work UIC!”


“Loved it. Great staff/great environment. The fact the lesson is taught in Spanish is amazing! Learned so much.”

Rachel, Spanish Beginner course

“I’m happy with the course overall. Valentina is really good and everyone’s interacting very well in the class.”

Katerina, Italian Intermediate course

“I really enjoyed my first level at UIC. Before I started I was confused at what level to start at, so emailed in. I got a very quick informative response and was quickly put onto the course (by Grace). The teaching by Thomas has been great, I feel I have benefitted from the small class size and native teacher whose first language is French rather than being his adopted language as I have experienced in the past. The staff is very friendly and approachable. Overall a great experience and look forward to starting the next level!”

Amar, French Beginner Plus course