Our Staff

These are the staff at UIC who will help you learn - whatever language you choose to study. Teachers at UIC are native speakers of the language they teach, have unversity degrees and appropriate teaching qualifications.

Javier , Director Foreign Languages
I am originally from Colombia but have been working at UIC running the Foreign Language department for the last 11 years. It is really satisfying to see the numbers of people who want to learn a language increase over the years - we are now teaching almost 2000 people a year 12 different languages. It is also a great place to work!
Nicole , Course Coordinator
Learning languages is an absolutely gratifying experience. You start learning words, then phrases and after some time, you realise you can make conversation with other people in that language. I really like when I’m able to help tourists find their way in London in their own language. It makes me so happy! London is the best city to learn foreign languages as there is so much opportunity for you to practise with native speakers.
Mariko , Japanese Teacher
My name is Mariko. As you have already noticed, the popularity of Japanese cultural exports in the form of cartoons, films, literature, games and music is soaring among the people in the UK, and as a result, more and more people are expressing an interest in learning Japanese. At UIC, seeing my students having a big fun is my treasure!
Natalie , Italian Teacher
London's a great place to be and to learn a language, being it English or another one. The whole world lives here, you'll always get a chance to practice what you've learned in class. On the tube, sometimes all I hear is Italian, feels like I never left the country! And like everybody, I really enjoy the friendly atmosphere at UIC, it definitely makes learning (and teaching!!) a great experience.
Simone , Portuguese Teacher
Oi, tudo bem?! My name is Simone! I am a Brazilian Portuguese teacher in love with London! There is no better place in the world if you want to experience different cultures, be exposed to so many different languages and try delicious food from all over the world. I love everything about this city and am super happy to be here teaching and learning so much every day! I am looking forward to getting to know you and your culture!
Andi , Spanish Teacher
Hola! I´m Andi from Buenos Aires, Argentina! Learning a language involves getting to know different cultures and ways of living, but it’s also about having fun and laughing in order to make the most of this wonderful experience. My teaching methods are based on the Communicative Approach. Therefore, I enjoy developing fun, dynamic and creative activities tailored to suit students’ needs, as well as to encourage them to learn.
Felipe , Portuguese Teacher
London has everything for everybody. It doesn't mind if you’re looking for a Balkan brass band concert, a catholic mass in French or a store dedicated to a Finnish children’s literature character. You’ll find all sorts of things here. Even Brazilian Portuguese courses with a former indie rocker. Crazy. But how to learn Brazilian Portuguese without all the great sounds, images, smells, tastes and people from there? Impossible, isn't it? Don’t worry, you can find all of these here. Ask me how. London is the perfect place to learn and experience a language and its culture
Barbara , Italian Teacher
Being an Italian teacher means for me teaching not only the language but even the culture, art, music and food of my country. London gives us a great opportunity to have multi-cultural classes where students can face each other exchanging cultures, experiences and ideas. In my class, I create a nice atmosphere passing to my students passion, energy and enthusiasm, to make them free to try out a new language. They have fun speaking to each other, reading and listening to authentic material. You’ll find a friendly and relaxed environment at UIC school.
Ellen , Chinese Teacher
I am a native Mandarin speaker with a Certificate in Teaching Chinese as a Foreign Language. I have vast experience of teaching Mandarin across all levels and ages. I have developed a structured and systematic approach that helps learners to build strong foundations to master their target language and prepare for exams. As well as qualification and experience, my pleasant and encouraging teaching manner has filled my classroom with enjoyment. I have a real passion for teaching and love learning from my students!
Almudena , Spanish Teacher
I am a certified Spanish teacher - translator and I´m originally from Ronda (Málaga). I have a passion for languages and education technology. London is the city where my teaching career took off 10 years ago. I have been teaching and translating since then and I love it! I speak English, French and Dutch fluently, and a bit of Italian. I have been using e-learning tools for the past five years and I intend to keep using them. My aim is to make my students' learning experience even more fun!
Luan Pei Lin , Chinese Teacher
The mission in my life is teaching. Teaching and meeting people is great, especially teaching in central London at UIC. Students are from all different countries. I am in the joy of passing my teaching knowledge to students, getting to know different culture and learn from students. I love seeing improvement of students' study. I love teaching at UIC.
Roberto , Spanish Teacher
I have been teaching at UIC for 6 years and I am really enjoying it. I have had the opportunity to teach Spanish to many hundreds of students – from one-to-one lessons to large groups, from beginners to advanced and from social Spanish to business Spanish. I am friendly, outgoing and love the ‘team’ atmosphere of a lesson as well as working as part of a team of teaching professionals. I am a passionate about the Spanish language and culture , – I never forget that my students are learning how to speak, understand, read and write my language!
Eman , Arabic Teacher
I am a native Arabic speaker with extensive Arabic teaching experience for different levels in both UK and abroad. I teach Modern Standard Arabic (MSA), Iraqi, Gulf and Egyptian colloquial for academic and business purposes. Learning Arabic language and being exposed to the Arabic culture is extremely beneficial these days, especially for people who would like to have a new start in an Arabic country. UIC is a lovely place to teach with a very multi-cultural and friendly staff. In addition, UIC has an excellent location in central London. It is close to Edgware Road, the most Middle Eastern Cuisine area in London.
Jaeran , Korean Teacher
I grew up in Seoul, South Korea, and moved to London several years ago. Since then, I have been teaching Korean language and culture to students from all around the world. As someone curious about different cultures, and passionate for arts, I love the endless opportunities London has to offer. When teaching, I enjoy creating a fun and friendly environment for my students learn to in. So, whether you love k-pop, Korean films and drama, or you just want to learn everything about this fascinating language, I will wait for you in class!
Takako , Japanese Teacher
I never thought to be a Japanese teacher when I was in Japan. However, I really enjoy teaching the language now. Here at UIC I met people with different backgrounds and age group. When I teach them, I learn a lot from them as well. It is great.