About us

Welcome to the world of UIC!

In 2013 UIC Languages joined the Oxford International Education Group.

We are still offering the same high quality language we have always offered but as part of  a larger group we are able to offer you more.

We have recently completely refurbished the UIC London school, we now have 18 classrooms, interactive whiteboards, wifi, computers, a student room.

The Oxford International Education Group offers a range of language products – Language Education, Higher Education and Student Tours. Within these areas we have a number of well-known operations – Oxford Tutorial College (an independent 6th form), Pathways (pre university preparation), Language summer schools (ISIS Junior, UIC Summer Schools, Bucksmore Education), adult English Language schools in the UK and Canada (ISIS Schools) and within the tours department Studytrips, Key Stage History Tours and Hellene Travel. We also run Teacher Training courses, Home tuition, and Foreign Language Tuition – UIC Languages.

UIC Languages was founded in 1999 teaching just 2 languages – Spanish and Japanese. Since then it has grown into one of the biggest year round providers of quality language tuition in London, we are currently teaching 12 languages in group classes on weekday evening  and Saturday mornings as well as during the day for individual and corporate clients. Before joining the OIEG, UIC is an award winning English Language School as well – twice winning the Language Travel award for STAR language school in Europe as well as winning the prestigious British Council ELTon award for innovation in language teaching.

Language House
76-78 Mortimer Street
London, W1W 7SA
United Kingdom

Language Enquiries
+44 020 7079 3334