你 说 汉语吗 ?

What will I learn?

  • Speaking, listening, reading, writing skills
  • Key vocabulary & grammar
  • Confidence for conversations
Learning Chinese can be a challenge, but our fun and practical Chinese courses in London help to make the language accessible, and really bring it to life. With China poised to be the next powerhouse of the global economy – and with a wealth of Chinese history already waiting in the wings – there has never been a better time to discover the delights of Mandarin.

Chinese is the most widely-used language on earth and it holds the key to discovering a fascinating history, exploring vibrant cultures, and unlocking the benefits of future commercial opportunities. There are more than 800 million Mandarin speakers across the globe and this is your chance to join them.

Learn Chinese in London and our native teachers will help you to quickly get to grips with the writing system and have you speaking Mandarin as effortlessly as possible. In small groups of no more than 14 students you will have plenty of opportunities to practise speaking Mandarin. You will also have the benefit of audio-visual and internet resources to help you appreciate the language in its cultural contexts. Before long you could be exploring Chinese social media and reading the latest blogs on Sina Weibo or networking on Renren!

Course basics

  • 10 Chinese classes
  • Once a week
  • 2-hour class
  • Evening or Saturday morning
  • Group size; 14 max
  • Qualified native teacher
  • Location; Central London

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Test your language level now

What will I learn?

Courses are designed to follow the Council of Europe syllabus. This is essentially a list of different things you should be able to do in the language, and by looking at the table below you can get an idea of how long it might take you.

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The focus in all languages we teach is to get you using the language. If you would like to see what level you are try our online test and please get in touch if you have any questions; we can also assess your level on the phone. Except for Beginner's courses you can take a trial lesson with no obligation.

Council of Europe Level Group level at UIC Length of course Summary of what will be covered in the course
A1 Beginner 20 hours Greetings and introductions, Asking questions about personal information,Shopping: how to ask for prices, bargain, expressing size and colours, Asking for the time, Saying the days of the week, dates, months and years, Pinyin, tones, Yes/no questions, Measure words, Question words “nar” and “shénme”, “duoshao”, Negate words “bù”, Character writing.
Beginner Plus 20 hours Ordering food and drinks in a restaurant, Asking for the bill, Talking about professions and jobs, Talking about your family, Making and aswering phone calls, Chinese culture, Question words “shénme shíhou” and “duojiu”, Question word “duoshao”, Particle word “le”, Verb “yoù”, Position some adverbs correctly by using “de”, Character writing.
Elementary A 20 hours Asking for directions and places, Describing a house, Describing one’s health, Expressing frecuency, Talking about past experiences, Transport, The body, Making suggestions with “ba”, Adverb “you yi dianr”, Indicating location, “zai”, “you”, Character writing.
Elementary B 20 hours Talking about hobbies and leisure activities,Talking about the weather, Booking a room in a hotel, Describing preferences and interests, Asking somebody to do something, ‘Hui’ to indicate “can” (skills), Adverb “de”, - ‘Neng’ to express possibility, Passive form with “ba”, Character writing.
A2 Pre Intermediate 20 hours For more details about higher levels please contact us.
UIC Languages, London W1W7SA

School’s location

UIC London is extremely popular with students looking to study languages, as it boasts an ideal location, close to the much visited Oxford Circus, and Regents Park. UIC is easy to reach, and well linked through many underground stations, and other transport links. At this enviable postcode (W1W 7SA) students really are in the heart of everything London has to offer, including the legendary Oxford Circus. To find out more, contact us on +44 020 7079 3334.

Our school

“This was a fantastic learning experience. Alice was a very good teacher, very understanding and helped us get the right pronunciation. The class size is perfect and not too crowded. In general, it was a nice class.”
Chinese Beginner course