ةيبرعلا ملكتت له?

What will I learn?

  • Speaking, listening, reading, writing skills
  • Key vocabulary & grammar
  • Confidence for conversations
Arabic lessons in London. Arabic is spoken by so many different cultures in so many different countries that - by learning to speak it confidently - you can feel equally at home in Morocco, Dubai or Jordan. Our fun and practical courses help you to quickly master Arabic whether you need it for business, travel or pleasure.

The holy language of Islam is also the official language of more than 20 countries in the world and has over 300 million native speakers. By speaking Arabic you unlock the door to new career opportunities and exciting travel prospects. You also give yourself the chance to discover just how truly hospitable those who live in Arabic-speaking countries can be.

Arabic courses in London. Our native teachers will help you to quickly become confident speaking Arabic and you will receive plenty of opportunities to converse in our friendly, small group settings. Arabic is brought to life for you through a mix of speaking, listening, and pronunciation and grammar exercises. The emphasis is on you actually practising the language so that you develop fluency almost without noticing it. Before you know it you could be haggling in the souks of Marrakech or drinking tea with the locals in Jordan!

Course basics

  • 10 Arabic classes
  • Once a week
  • 2-hour class
  • Evening or Saturday morning
  • Group size; 14 max
  • Qualified native teacher
  • Location; Central London

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Test your language level now

What will I learn?

Courses are designed to follow the Council of Europe syllabus. This is essentially a list of different things you should be able to do in the language, and by looking at the table below you can get an idea of how long it might take you.

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The focus in all languages we teach is to get you using the language. If you would like to see what level you are try our online test and please get in touch if you have any questions; we can also assess your level on the phone. Except for Beginner's courses you can take a trial lesson with no obligation.

Council of Europe Level Group level at UIC Length of course Summary of what will be covered in the course
A1 Beginner 20 hours Greetings and introductions, Asking and giving personal information, Ordering food and drinks in a restaurant, Describing a house, The alphabet, Numbers 0-100, Countries, Professions and places of work, Feminine and Masculine Nouns, Handwriting practice of Arabic letters Joining letters.
Beginner Plus 20 hours Describing daily routines, Talking about hobbies, Booking a hotel room, Introducing Middle Eastern Culture, Asking for directions, Transport, The present and the past tense, Prepositions, The plural, Interrogative pronouns (matha, ayn, mata, kayfa, limatha, man), Connecting letters.
Elementary 20 hours For more details about higher levels please contact us.
UIC Languages, London W1W7SA

School’s location

UIC London is extremely popular with students looking to study languages, as it boasts an ideal location, close to the much visited Oxford Circus, and Regents Park. UIC is easy to reach, and well linked through many underground stations, and other transport links. At this enviable postcode (W1W 7SA) students really are in the heart of everything London has to offer, including the legendary Oxford Circus. To find out more, contact us on +44 020 7079 3334.

Our school

"I could not think of a better place to learn Arabic than UIC London. Having previously studied Spanish there and now feeling quite confident with it, it made sense to go back to a similar environment despite it being totally different to Latin languages. At UIC teachers ensure you learn at a realistic pace and support needed is even provided throughout even by admin staff. Just as all other classes at the college, my Beginners Arabic class is kept to a small number so I can participate as much as possible. Importance is given not only to speaking but equally to reading and writing. What makes it even better is having a great teacher like Eman who makes every session fun and relatable to each one of us. I really look forward to being confident with Arabic."
Arabic Beginner course