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Why pack up your worldly belongings and head to a Spanish-speaking country to learn the language, 

Posted on 17th Mar. 2016

Italy is much loved for its tasty food, amazing culture and inspiring fashions, and who would have thought that there are so many Itali

Posted on 8th Feb. 2016

Visiting restaurants is often the first way of immersing yourself in a foreign country's culture.

Posted on 4th Jan. 2016

There is a wealth of travel opportunities available to Spanish speakers.

Posted on 26th Nov. 2015

Learning a new language is a fun and rewarding experience, and if you've been thinking about learning the lingo of another country, then Italian is a gre

Posted on 3rd Nov. 2015

Posted on 15th Oct. 2015

Whether you are going on holiday, visiting friends or long-lost relations, going for that dream job, planning to study in a Spanish speaking country or trying to entice a

Posted on 8th Sep. 2015

The romanticism of France, with its great food and the chic style of its inhabitants, is often reason enough to enrol on a French course or purchase an e-learning package.

Posted on 4th Aug. 2015

The Italian language is one which has its roots in poetry and literature – something that it still has strong ties with to this day.

Posted on 28th Jul. 2015

• Some people get frustrated with learning a language and end up giving up

• It’s exciting to get up and say “I’m going to learn a language” but if you don’t exercise it, motivation can disappear

Posted on 20th Jul. 2015

For speakers of European languages, Chinese, or Mandarin, has a formidable reputation when it comes to trying to learn it. However, achieving a very usable knowledge of reading, writing and speaking Mandarin is perhaps easier than many people know.

Posted on 13th Jul. 2015